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I admit, it sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? An entrepreneur who didn’t understand the importance of his financials. I mean, who doesn’t understand the importance of financials when it comes to the business of making money?

I realized I couldn’t possibly be the only entrepreneur who was faced with not knowing exactly where he stood financially at any given moment.

Recklessness Leads to Bankruptcy

I didn’t think I was being reckless. After all, I was paying attention to all the important stuff – like client satisfaction, new client acquisition – the stuff that made me money.

But two key things I neglected to pay attention to were where that money was going and how much it was actually costing me to do business.

My accountant couldn’t tell me my business financial details in an instant. And I certainly didn’t know; that’s what I paid someone else for!

This lack of being in tune with my accounting caused me to crash and burn financially. Eventually, my recklessness led me to bankruptcy.

Regaining Control

After being faced with financial ruin, I vowed to never allow the same thing to happen again. No longer was I going to rely only on intuition, semi-educated guesses and gut feelings to guide my business decisions. Those have their value, but from now on, I was going to rely on accurate, up-to-date data in order to make appropriate, sound business choices. I was going to regain control of my business, no matter what.

But how was I going to accomplish this?

The Solution

I knew that I had to come up with an intuitive, easy-to-use system that allowed me instant access to all of my key financial metrics. And I knew that if I needed this, other entrepreneurs and small business owners did too!

After much planning, late-night-and-early-morning brainstorming and programming sessions, I came up with a system that truly revolutionized the way I did business. It turned my complicated numbers into Easy Numbers. Numbers that I could measure and manage, in an instant.

Billy’s Billing was initially born out of a vision to simply help my business. But it’s evolved into the genesis of a small business accounting revolution!

Isn’t it time that you regain control of your business and start focusing your efforts on the areas that will increase your bottom line?


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